Chikmagalur Plantation Stay

Heritage Homestay Chikmagalur

Woodway Homestay offers an authentic Chikmagalur plantation stay experience in Karnataka, India. Guests can enjoy activities such as trekking, hiking, bird watching , and plantation walks. The homestay also provides delicious home-cooked meals and a unique opportunity to interact with locals and learn about the culture and history of the region. Woodway Homestay is a great choice for a peaceful and unforgettable getaway.
The bungalow consists of 6 aesthetically and traditionally designed rooms connected by spacious living areas. The family has strived to retain the homely feel of the bungalow but has subtly resorted to adding a touch of luxury, Heritage Homestay Chikmagalur.

Woodway Homestay in Chikmagalur is an idyllic destination for your family vacation, honeymoon, wellness and yoga retreats, destination weddings, to conduct coffee workshops, meaningful birding, reunions of friends, or just as a getaway to unwind & rejuvenate the soul. Chikmagalur plantation stay is a great way to experience a part of history and enjoy the beauty of nature. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a place to bring the whole family, a plantation stay can provide something for everyone. The hospitality, culture, and history of a plantation stay make it a unique and memorable experience.

Our Heritage Bungalow

Sculpted in the 1900’s by the British owners, Woodway is perched on a vantage point of the estate. The verandah of the Bunglow, always called the Glass room, offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountain and the valley which changes colour through the day & night. Though The bungalow has various shades of heritage & vignettes of a traditional estate home, it has all the necessitates & luxury tucked within it.

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The heritage charm coupled with modern amenities makes Woodway one of Chikkamagalurus’ most memorable boutique properties. The property features a game room, a mini-library, and wi-fi connectivity. A garden and a coffee estate abounding with exciting plantation and trekking activities surround the home.
This Chikmagalur plantation stay is an unforgettable vacation that you won’t regret. Not only will you be able to experience a piece of history, but you’ll also be able to relax and enjoy the serene atmosphere. From strolling through the grounds to learning about the culture and history of the plantation to indulging in delicious southern cuisine, you’ll leave with amazing memories and a true appreciation of the south.

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Shola room