The Best Outdoor Activities To Try During Your Chikmagalur Homestay

outdoor activities

Chikmagalur, with its variety of outdoor activities for everyone, is the perfect destination for a homestay. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing activity or something more adventurous, there is something for all in Chikmagalur. The best outdoor activities that one might undertake while staying at a homestay in Chikmagalur are examined in this blog post. From bird watching at the national park to trekking and adventure, as well as water sports suitable for all ages, Chikmagalur has it all.

Bird Watching At The National Park

If you are looking for the best outdoor activities to try during your homestay in Chikmagalur, you have come to the right place. This quaint town is known for its lush green forests and a plethora of wildlife, making it a hotspot for birdwatching. There are plenty of exciting activities for you to explore while staying in Chikmagalur, from visiting the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and Hebbe Falls to trekking and camping in Mullayanagiri or rafting on the Bhadra River. Woodway Homestay near Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary is a great option if you are into birdwatching, as it is surrounded by lush green coffee plantations.

Kallathigiri Falls is a beautiful waterfall situated at a distance of 53 km from Chikmagalur that makes for an idyllic spot to spend some time in nature’s lap. Kurinjal Trek, Kumara Parvatha Trek, Agumbe Ghat Trek, and Kudremukh Trek are some popular treks in and around Chikmagalur that should be explored if time permits. Mountain cycling up Mullayanagiri Hill (the highest peak in Karnataka) can also be tried out here if you’re feeling adventurous. Furthermore, several events such as International Bird Watching Festival attract bird lovers from all over the world throughout the year, so make sure to keep updated with such events before planning your trip here.

There’s something special waiting around every corner during your stay at any homestay near Chikmagalur, with so many activities available at your fingertips.

Trekking And Adventure In Chikmagalur

If you’re looking for a memorable outdoor adventure, Homestay in Chikmagalur is the perfect destination. Located in the Malnad region of Karnataka, Chikmagalur offers plenty of activities and attractions to make your stay truly unforgettable. There are several activities for an adventurous trip, including bird watching, white water rafting, and off-roading.

To start with, why not explore all that nature has to offer by going on a trekking tour through the lush greenery? Trek through dense forests and imposing peaks while taking in breathtaking views of valleys and rivers. You can also go rappelling or rock climbing while exploring some of Chikmagalur’s best hiking trails, not only will you get an adrenaline rush but also learn about the local flora and fauna along the way.

For a different kind of adventure, take part in some white water rafting on the Bhadra River or explore wildlife on a bird-watching tour! Or if you’re feeling more adventurous, hop on your bike for some mountain biking or off-roading along the Unchalli Falls trail – it’s sure to be an unforgettable experience! During your stay at Homestay in Chikmagalur, don’t forget to pay a visit to Mullayangiri Hills for some breathtaking sightseeing opportunities as well as sample exotic nourishing cuisine from local restaurants.

That’s not all, there are several other places worth visiting during your stay like Kallathigiri Falls, Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, and Hebbe Falls among others! Lastly, if you’re feeling even more daring, why not go on one of Chikmagalur’s most popular treks – The Kudremukh Trek? With such diverse landscapes surrounding Homestay in Chikmagalur, you’ll be spoilt for choice when it comes to outdoor activities, so don’t miss out!

Water Sports For All Ages

Are you looking for an exciting and fun-filled outdoor adventure during your stay in Chikmagalur? You’ve found it! The entire family can have fun with a variety of sports, including kayaking and abseiling. Whether you’re seeking a relaxing day out or a thrilling adventure, Chikmagalur is the right destination for outdoor enthusiasts of all ages.

For those who love being on the water, there are great river and lake locations for kayaking and boating opportunities. As you paddle, take in the beautiful scenery and keep a lookout for birds and other wildlife. Hiking is also popular in this area, with plenty of beautiful countryside trails to explore, so don’t forget your walking shoes!

Why not give paragliding or abseiling a shot if you’re feeling brave? Or if that’s too extreme for you, plenty of other activities are on offers, such as mountain biking and fishing. You can even explore nearby wildlife reserves where you can take part in thrilling adventure activities like canyoning and sports climbing – just make sure to bring your camera!

Book now and experience all the natural beauty that this stunning region has to offer, with a wide range of water sports experiences, including swimming, climbing, jumping through rivers, waterfalls, and more! With so much natural beauty around, why not make your trip even more memorable by participating in some thrilling outdoor activities at Kalhatti Waterfalls or Kemmangundi Peak before heading back home?

Enjoying Water Enjoyment Across Generations At Chikmagalur.

Chikmagalur is a popular tourist destination thanks to its picturesque scenery, tranquil atmosphere, and various outdoor activities. If you want to enjoy water fun and nature’s beauty, there are plenty of activities to try during your stay at a homestay in Chikmagalur. From exploring the Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary and visiting the Kudremukh National Park to paragliding in Ajjampur and trekking at Mullayangiri, you have many options for outdoor fun.

Explore Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, home to rare species such as tigers, leopards, bonnet macaques, elephants, sloth bears, wild boars, and more. You can enjoy bird watching or take part in safaris surrounded by lush greenery with views of flowing rivers.

Visit the Kudremukh National Park, located within the Chikmagalur district and home to several species of animals including tigers and leopards, as well as exotic birds like the Malabar Grey Hornbill. Here, participate in hiking or camping while admiring nature’s best beauty!

Try paragliding over Ajjampur village for majestic views of hilly terrains with a backdrop of lush greenery below! Those searching for an adrenaline rush while taking in breath-blowing vistas from above will love this sport.

Trek through the Western Ghats on the stunning Mullayangiri trail that takes you 2200m above sea level! Enjoy mesmerizing views of waterfalls and streams along the way before reaching Mullayangiri Peak where Lord Shiva is said to have meditated!

White-Water Rafting get ready for an exciting adventure with white-water rafting on the Muthyapa River. You’ll find grade-4 rapids perfect for adrenaline junkies who want a challenge! Afterward, explore nearby attractions such as Hebbe Falls – an exotic wonder that must not be missed when staying near Chikmagalur.

Rappel down rocky terrain surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful landscapes when attempting rappelling at Kemmanagundi Hill Station, one among many amazing attractions located near Chikmagalur making it an ideal place to explore while staying nearby!

Zip Line Feel your heart race as you zip across vast aerial distances suspended high above ground level with the zip line adventure Shanti category – another activity that should not be missed if planning a trip near Chikmagalur!

Camping Enjoy extraordinary mountain views and peace and tranquility by camping under the stars on Upper Bababudan. It’s the perfect way to escape from city life and indulge in nature’s beauty without having to worry about anything else!

Book a stay with Leisure Homestay Pool & Water Activities if you want all these experiences without leaving your comfort zone. They offer various amenities like a swimming pool, comfortable bedrooms, a lush garden, and more. You may unwind, relax, and enjoy quality time with loved ones here while engaging in numerous activities including birding, hiking, and more. Don’t forget to sample delicious local cuisine around nearby attractions when planning your trip near Chikmagalur!

To Summarize

Chikmagalur offers something for everyone, ranging from Trekking and Adventure in Chikmagalur, white-water rafting to birdwatching and paragliding. The region boasts numerous homestays, each providing a unique experience with stunning views of hills and valleys. Chikmagalur has everything you could want in a getaway, whether you seek an adrenaline rush or a more laid-back vacation. Plan your next trip to this lovely destination today, and take advantage of the many outdoor activities that are suitable for people of all ages!

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